Partners Chris Gipson, Carrie Callaway and Keith James founded Republic Editorial in the fall of 2013. Their second attempt at a successful business venture (failed frozen yogurt stand in 2007), they chose to stick with what they knew and opened up a premium quality editorial company. Their years of experience together as the team that put Red Car Dallas on the map taught them the three keys to running an extremely successful post house. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what those three keys are (not revealing trade secrets is actually one of them).  

Our core philosophy is to know our business and our clients so well that we allow those we work with to forget about how complex and complicated this industry can be. The creative process is what should be driving you, not a concern about how much time it’s going to take to remove the depressed looking border terrier from the background of the product shot. There are other houses out their that do what we do, but no other house will give you the attention to detail that we do (we just caught a typo at the beginning of this sentence – look at that attention to detail).

Simple thorough creativeness. That’s Republic.