The technical process of what we do is help turn your concept into an extremely attractive grouping of pixels and pleasant audible sounds that can be transmitted over the air, up into the sky, through cables on the ground or somehow magically into your phone.

This process begins with our editors who are the true team leaders of pixels and sound organization. They’ll comb through all of your data and find out which pairings of images work best with the noises you have and put together a package (known in industry technical jargon as an ‘edit’). Depending on what message you’re trying to convey, they can package the data so that it can make you smile, laugh, cry, or want to purchase a limited time only fast food item made out of pork. They’ve got years of experience, and they’re the best in the game.

After that, we’ve got our team of finishers who can enhance the pixels and sounds. Whether you want the pixels to glow, shine, or consist of an angry team of 3D couches chasing chocolate ice cream cones through an alley, we’ve got the visual effects artists who can handle that. And if you want sounds that can make you grin, sigh, chuckle or realize that a Nissan Pathfinder can get up to 32 miles per gallon in the city, we’ve got just the right audio engineer for you.

The important thing to remember here is that, no matter what you want to have those pixels and sounds do, we can make it happen. All of it. No matter what it is. As long as it is legal in the State of Texas. And plausible inside the laws of physics. Laws of physics and the State of Texas - those are our only limits. Everything else is possible. And it’s also awesome. 

We are Republic.