We didn’t invent the chicken sandwich, we just made sure it had a little extra cheese with more highlights on the right side and a bun that didn’t look too dark. I’m loving it when the CG cups spin around the table as the snow starts to fall in the foreground with the crowd replacement filling the right side of the stadium. In here, it’s always Fridays, but it also has a split screen on the handheld shot that we’re going to need to track to keep the extras on the left inside the center-cut portion of the screen. Just do it, with the red color of the dress we gave you in our pdf and not with the yellow color of the dress that the gal is wearing. Rethink possible when the 3D Television flips around revealing the levitating animated schnauzer in the background.

We’ve got a great team that can do all this stuff. Say hello to our in-house motion design and visual effects team, Infinite Fiction.