Occasionally we have clients who want to make adjustments to the way their flat footage looks coming out of the camera. Okay, maybe we’re underplaying things a little with the phrase ‘occasionally.‘ No matter what the job is, we‘ve got a great team of colorists who will have no problem make your automobile look as gorgeous as a well tanned supermodel or that taco roll-up look like a Monet sunset.

In our Dallas office, we’ve got the great Nick Mueth and his calibrated pair of eyeballs (with a corresponding matching set of calibrated monitors) to take care of all your color needs. A well crafted Flame artist in his own right, Nick’s talent shines brightest when he’s coloring, although he does it in a very, very dark room (which sometime makes his talent seem even brighter than it actually is.) Nick’s colored it all, from lifestyle, to food, to effects, to sports, to the lifestyle of sporty people eating food in an effects filled world. To see a little of Nick’s work, click on this beautifully colored and calibrated link above.

We also enjoy working with our friends from the north at Nice Shoes. They’ve got a talented group of colorists and finishing artists that we’ve grown fond of over the years. Because New York is located in New York (which is a little bit away from Texas), we’ve tapped into this thing called ‘the internet’ that allows us to work with them just like they’re in our building (literally, two days ago, a client asked what room in our building  the colorist was skyping in from). It’s great – you really should try it out. Just google ‘the internet’ and you’ll be able to learn more about it. The color correction we get from Nice Shoes can best be described as ‘just the right amount of colorfulness while still maintaining the perfect amount of correctness’.  To see what Nice Shoes has to offer, use 'the internet' and click on the nice link above.