Fairchild 660 Dyn Lf (Flat 002 Tight).jpg


Just close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of a secluded beach get away, with the whisper of seagulls off in the distance. A rolling, lonely wave crashes on the shore nearby and WAIT, THAT WAVE SOUND WAS TOO LOUD. AND BRING DOWN THE BIRDS. The ice clinks in your glass as you pick up your I CAN’T HEAR THE ICE, CAN YOU MAKE IT LOUDER? as you pick up your IT’S STILL TOO QUIET, A LITTLE LOUDER as you pick up your glass THAT’S PERFECT, NOW MAKE IT A LITTLE LOUDER, and take a sip of your Mai Tai THAT SIP SOUNDS TOO SLURPY, DO WE HAVE ANOTHER? and take a sip NO, MAYBE WE LOSE THE SLURP and take a sip of your Mai Tai and lean back to WAIT, IT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT WITHOUT THE SLURP, HERE, LISTEN TO ME DRINK MY SHASTA THROUGH THIS STRAW, IT SHOULD SOUND LIKE THIS. . .

This is where the reel magic happens, people.  In the audio room.